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Flanks – Before and After VASER Liposuction Treatments

Hip fat can affect your quality of life due to unsightly appearance. With the help of the liposuction procedure performed by one of the best plastic surgeons in the UK, Dr. Asher-Siddiqi, you will enjoy a significantly improved physical appearance and increased self-confidence. Recovery after the liposuction procedure is a quick one, during which you benefit from close monitoring.


Double chin is a condition that occurs in both women and men, and the appearance given by it is extremely unpleasant and annoying for many people. Give up the use of primitive techniques and choose innovative and effective methods, such as ultrasound-assisted liposuction, to eliminate excess fat and to regain your desired mental comfort and physical appearance. At Liposhape we use the latest and most revolutionary methods for you to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.


Skin that is loose and lacks elasticity and firmness is a problem that can appear from a young age, immediately after collagen production becomes problematic. At the Liposhape clinic, we offer you the opportunity to regain your firm appearance and tone in the arm area, so that you can enjoy the summer without embarrassment when you want to wear your favorite dress or T-shirt. vaser liposuction treatments performed in our clinic help you regain your self-confidence and enjoy a pleasant experience, in a friendly atmosphere and with the support of specialists in the field.


We all want a flat stomach, but this is not always possible, either because of sedentary lifestyle or because of diet. With the help of fat removal procedures performed at the Liposhape clinic you will finally enjoy a magazine abdomen!

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Saddle Bags

Every part of the body deserves special attention, and fat deposits are an undesirable but common aesthetic problem. With the help of advanced body contouring procedures, you will finally have the desired physical appearance and a much improved general condition.

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