Meet the Team

This is our team! We are specialists in VASER liposuction, operating out of clinics and hospitals across the UK, including Nottingham, Manchester, Bromsgrove, London. Lead by Dr Asher Siddiqi with over 10 years of VASER liposuction experience and his dedicated team.

Meet the Team of Dr Asher Siddiqi

We’re a friendly group, with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on. We’re here to make sure you get the best treatment possible with the long term aim of achieving your specific body goals.

Lead by Dr Asher Siddiqi, we’re here to answer any questions you may have, make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable while also ensuring you get the most up to date, cutting edge experience anywhere in the UK! 

Meet the team: Dr Asher Siddiqi - VASER Liposuction Specialist Surgeon
Dr Asher Siddiqi – Head Doctor & VASER Liposuction Specialist

You can read a full profile on our Dr Asher here.

Meet the Team of Liposhape

The Liposhape team is characterized by professionalism, promptness and, very importantly, empathy. When we formed this team, we focused our attention on the patient in the first place, which is why Liposhape brings together top specialists today with the help of which we manage to respond to any needs in terms of liposuction. You can discover all details about Vasser Liposuction on our home page or read all related questions and answers about this procedure.

At the Liposhape clinic you will discover a specialist doctor with international training and numerous successful active interventions, Dr. Asher-Siddiqi, with the help of which each patient will regain his well-being and will reach the desired results.

As partners to help you throughout the process, from decision-making to recovery after interventions, we are with you with dedication, professionalism, seriousness and the desire to achieve together the goals set.

The symbiosis between the members of the Liposhape team is remarkable, a symbiosis that helps us to offer each patient what he wants, but also what he needs.

Dr. Asher-Siddiqi is recommended by the elaborated and in-depth studies in the field, as well as the vast experience and the thousands of interventions carried out so far. The doctor’s specialized advice is the certainty that you are on the right track and that you make the right choice when you want to change your lifestyle and significantly improve your physical appearance. Because Dr. Asher-Siddiqi focuses on both obvious and internal results, patients who come to the Liposhape Clinic enjoy moral and medical support alike, because our philosophy is simple: beauty comes from within and is reflected. in elections that have a direct impact on the outside world.

When you meet the Liposhape team, you have the certainty that you are with those specialists who will guide you on a path that will seem much easier with them. Meet the members of our team and enjoy a simple and fast process to reach your goal!

Meet the team: A portrait photo of Charise one of our patient coordinators
Charise – Patient Coordinator
Meet the team: A portrait photo of Rachel: Our Patient Coordinator
Rachel – Patient Coordinator

Have any questions for the team? Please feel free to contact us by phone or by using our contact form and they’ll be able to get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to you coming to meet the team in person soon!