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VASER Liposuction Testimonials at LipoShape

I could not recommend Lipo Shape enough, the whole process for me has gone so smoothly and I have felt supported with absolutely everything. I would like to say a big thanks to Dr Asher and Rachel for all of their hard work and compassion for me. They really are amazing at what they do. They have helped me regain my confidence.

From the very start of my experience with the team, I have been impressed by the professionalism of all members of staff. 

One Saturday morning I popped into the surgery wanting to find out more about the Vaser Liposuction procedure. I was curious but also scared at the same time. Doctor Siddiqi was free to see both myself and my husband and we spent as long as we needed discussing both the procedure and also my suitability for the process. Doctor Siddiqi put my mind at rest but was very truthful about both the pros and cons of the process. I felt under no obligation to proceed and beginning the process was left entirely up to me. This initial process was before the first lockdown.

In August this year (2021), I decided that I would like to proceed. I made an appointment to see Doctor Siddiqi who went through the whole process again with myself and my husband in great detail. He was very truthful about how I would feel, what should happen and what could happen. He fully explained the aftercare and mentioned there would be some discomfort. I decided to go ahead. 

The procedure was booked to take place in a private hospital in Manchester. Everyone involved looked after me from start to finish and my husband was able to drive me home later that afternoon. I was very pleased he was able to be with me over the next few days. I met with Doctor Siddiqi again 2 days later for my first check up. I saw him again after a month and will continue to see him over the next few months to check that all is going to plan.

I can only say that I am absolutely delighted with my results! I have had to have several massages to help with water retention and swelling, and I have had to wear a corset for the first 6 weeks. I had been made aware of all this before I decided to have the surgery so there have been no surprises. All in all it has all been well worth the inconvenience and discomfort. I can see how my tummy has flattened. The tummy fat that I just couldn’t get rid of has now gone. 

I have felt safe and cared for, at all times. Many thanks to Doctor Siddiqi and his colleagues. 

Liposhape Reviews for VASER Liposuction Treatments

All very professional, polite and friendly. Felt well informed after my consultation.